The Parent Page is a resource of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. Click here to learn more about CPYU.

A Note From CPYU President Walt Mueller:
“The seeds of The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding were planted when the parents of my youth group students asked me to help them understand their kids’ culture. That was over 25 years ago! A rapidly changing culture has only increased the need for parents. Here at CPYU, we’ve created our monthly Parent Page to be an attractive, hope-filled, practical, and up-to-date resource that youth workers like you can pass on to your parents. I know that parents want and need this information! You’ve got a great opportunity and responsibility to answer that need. I hope that you’ll subscribe to the CPYU Parent Page today!”

The Parent Page is a subscription based resource available for $60/year. That’s only $5/month!

Only one subscription is necessary per organization. We allow and encourage churches and other organizations that subscribe to download each issue and distribute it to parents. CPYU’s Parent Page can be printed out and included with mailed newsletters or monthly calenders, inserted into bulletins, made available at information tables, and even e-mailed to parents!

Helping parents and youth workers understand and respond to the complex world of their children and teens from a distinctively Christian point of view is what CPYU is all about. We trust that this resource will help you in your partnership with parents!

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